Ayurveda: Science & Wisdom

January 24, 2017

If you have ever been curious about what Ayurveda or Ayurvedic medicine is, then the library has the display for you. For the next few weeks, the library will be displaying books chosen by the Ayurveda Club. These books are meant to be a window into the many facets of Ayurvedic medicine and techniques.  Some of the books featured in this display are: Ayurvedic Massage, Ayurveda and the Mind, and Scientific Basis for Ayurvedic Therapies. Come by the library and check it out.

Find journals faster

January 19, 2017
Library website homepage thumbnail with arrow to Journals link There is a new way to find and access the library’s subscribed journals. Click “Journals” on the library website and try it out!

If you are OFF CAMPUS, you will need to log in. Use the same username and password you use for your NUNM email.

Journal search box, thumbnail You can search all of our journal holdings from one easy search box. Just start typing the title of the journal, and select from the options in the dropdown menu.
Journal search results thumbnail Links for full text access appear below the journal title. Be sure to check that the date you are looking for is covered in the date range.

Soon we will begin adding our print journal holdings (physical journals) so you can see what we have available on the shelf in the library. Until that process is complete, the library catalog is the best place to find a comprehensive listing of all journal holdings, both print and electronic.

NEW! NPLEX exam prep

December 12, 2016

BoardVitals logoWe now have BoardVitals to help NUNM students prep for the NPLEX Part 1 and NPLEX Part 2. BoardVitals provides an interactive online question bank with up-to-date explanations from top naturopathic educators and literature with answers, detailed feedback and assessment of your progress. It is accessible at any time, anywhere from any device with a wireless connection making it perfect for students on the go. It is available to students and faculty with access on-campus and off-campus.

Get Started by following these steps:

  1. Register now with your @nunm.edu OR @student.nunm.edu email address.
  2. You will receive an email with a confirmation link.
  3. After you confirm your account, you are all set to start using BoardVitals.

Thoughts on thoughts…

December 10, 2016

The first book display of the year is all about thinking, thoughts, and how to make better decisions. Start the year off right by sinking your teeth into some literature that delves into decision making, intuition, and consciousness.

Some titles on display are Blink by Malcom Gladwell, Extraordinary Thinking by Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer, and How Doctors Think by Jerome Groopman. Come by the library and check it out.

Cookery from around the world

November 14, 2016


To celebrate the coming holidays, we have gathered cookbooks from around the world. Explore all the different kinds of cuisine the world has to offer, from raw recipes to Italian pastas. Some recipe highlights are: minestrone soup from the Moosewood Cookbook, black-eyed pea and millet dish from Vegan Soul Kitchen, poached pike from Culinaria France, and caraway anise sweet bread from A Celebration of Herbs.

October Book Display

October 19, 2016

img_4477The new book display is all about mysticism, shamanism, spiritualism, and medicine. The library has gathered some books from our collection that delve into the intersection of healing, supernaturalism, and religion. Some subjects that these books go over are old wives tales, Santeria healing, shamanism and the history of witchcraft. Stop by the library and check out these enticing titles.

Get the UpToDate app

October 14, 2016

Photo of UpToDate app for various operating systemsThe UpToDate app now works with our institutional subscription. Setup is fast and easy, so give it a try today!

  1. Access UpToDate from the library website while ON CAMPUS and set up an account. Use the Log In/Register link in the upper right.
  2. You will receive an email with instructions on how to download the app and get started.
  3. In order to maintain uninterrupted access to UpToDate Anywhere, you must re-verify your affiliation with your organization once every 90 days. To re-verify, log in to UpToDate from a computer connected to the NUNM campus computer network.

Questions? Problems? Contact the library staff.

Follow PubMed Journals

October 4, 2016


Do you want to stay current on the latest medical literature? Look no further than PubMed Journals! PubMed Journals allows you to find and follow your favorite journals, browse articles, and keep up-to-date with trending articles through your journals feed.

You can access PubMed Journals if you have a NCBI, NIH, or Google account. If you don’t have an NCBI account yet, it’s easy to sign up! To make an account, just create a username, password, and enter in your email address. So simple!

Diversity & Banned Books

September 23, 2016


Every year, libraries across the country celebrate Banned Books Week, and we wanted to join! This year’s theme is DIVERSITY! Authors of color receive the majority of book challenges every year, which further silences their voices in other mainstream media. We hope to bring their words and voices to the forefront. The library has a small selection of books on display that have been challenged for various reasons: LGBTQIA issues, people of color, gender diversity, people with disabilities, and ethnic, cultural and religious minorities.


While you are checking out our display, you can also play our Guess the Banned Book in the Jar game! A frequently challenged and banned book has been put through the shredder…Oh no! Can you guess which one it is? Enter your answer for a chance to win a gift card from Powell’s Books. One winner will be picked from all of the correct answers on Monday, October 3, 2016.

Study space upgrades!

September 15, 2016

untitled-3Last spring we asked for your feedback and suggestions about how to make the quiet space in the library more comfortable and pleasant. You spoke, and we listened! We replaced the big wooden table that wasn’t being regularly used with 6 lounge chairs and 3 tables.

We also brought in rolling whiteboards to help with your studying. Dry erase markers and erasers are available at the front desk for in-library use, or you can checkout whiteboard supplies for a full day.

Finally, remember those paper cranes you folded in the spring? The library staff created a beautiful hanging mobile with those cranes, and it is now hanging above the new seating area. Come take a look at the amazing art piece you helped create and maybe try out the new chairs! This might be your new favorite spot on campus.