Fine-free fall

October 2, 2020

The NUNM Library is piloting being fine-free! What does this mean?

  • As of September 14th, no fines for overdue items!
  • Fine forgiveness for fines accrued during library COVID closures — we have waived fines incurred on or after March 18, 2020
  • Fines predating March 18th, 2020 still need to be paid
  • There will still be charges for lost or damaged items

Why are we doing this? Because we are committed to providing equitable access to materials. We suspect that fear of fines may prevent some students from using the library. Libraries across the country are eliminating fines as a form of social equity.

Interested in learning more?
NPR story on public libraries eliminating late fines
American Library Association Resolution on Monetary Library Fines as a Form of Social Inequity

This is a pilot program, which means that we are trying this out. If it is successful, we will move toward implementing it as policy.

We want you to check out books! But we also need you to bring them back, so that others can use them too. Let’s all work together to make a fine-free library a success!