CCM capstones & theses

November 27, 2017

2017 CCM capstones and theses
2017 CCM capstones and theses

The 2017 CCM capstones and theses are here! This year we have ten DSOM capstone projects and three MSOM theses, back from the bindery and ready to read. New titles are listed below. Come explore these new additions to the literature!




Taming the piglet : panic attacks in classical Chinese medicine
Ryan C. Gallagher

Chinese medicine and the endocannabinoid system
Heather Gail George

Treating postpartum qi & blood depletion using Japanese neoclassical acu-moxa techniques
Emily Rose Milano Hornback

Weaving dietary therapy together with classical Chinese herbal prescriptions
Maayan Avni

Unblocking the spirit : the treatment of pain in classical Chinese medicine
Joshua Park

Listening to the inner currents of the body : using the art of qigong tuina to transform tension patterns held within
Heather Becker-Brungard

Supplementing post-natal qi : the use of nutritional supplements in pain management from a Chinese medicine perspective
Katharyn Powers

The architecture and expansiveness of the lung organ network in Chinese medicine
Kimberly Kong

“Acupuncture engenders awareness” : examining consciousness through clinical experience and the huangdi neijing lingshu
Arista Gates

The intelligence of the heart : exploring craniosacral therapy through the lens of classical Chinese medicine
Ranee Charan Flinn

The elbow : window to the heart
Alexandra Gotea

Healing through set & setting
Richard Lee

Homeopathy and classical Chinese medicine : with guidance from the yi jing
Kye Peven