MDConsult & FirstConsult

MDConsult and FirstConsult are complementary full-text databases designed to support the clinical physician. MDConsult provides physicians with more in depth information about a particular medical condition or topic, including evidence based research articles. It includes convenient Web access to 30+ reference books, 40+ journals, practice guidelines, drug information, customizable patient handouts, case studies, and news updates. FirstConsult, on the other hand, is designed to provide physicians with point of care diagnostic and treatment information. It includes databases for differential diagnosis, medical topics, patient education, and medical procedures. Both databases are accessed through your MDConsult account.

Registration and logging on

Because MDConsult offers customized content, it is necessary to register (one time only) and then log in each time you use the database. (You must log in to MDConsult in order to use FirstConsult – there is a FirstConsult link in the upper right corner of the MDConsult webpage.) Any of the MDConsult and FirstConsult links on the NUNM library Web page ( will take you to a page that includes a link for membership registration in the lower left corner. To complete your one-time registration, click on the Register for Access link. Please note that it is necessary to use a campus computer when you register so that your account will be associated with NUNM. After registration, you can access your MDConsult account from home or anywhere else.


Once you are in the system, you can type in your topic in the Search box at the top of the screen. If you click on the Advanced Search link, you can specify which section(s) of the database (reference books, for example) you want to search. Another way to get started is to go directly to a particular section of the database. Each major section has a blue tab near the top of the screen; within each section there are links to specific content areas. Here’s a breakdown of some sections:

  1. “Books” – click on it and you will find links to the full-text of 40 reference books covering all subject specialties, including alternative medicine.
  2. “Journals” – click on it and you will find links to the full-text of 40 journals.
  3. “Drugs” – click on it and you will find a Drug Look-up search box, and links to the table of contents and full-text of Mosby’s Drug Consult.
  4. “News” – click on it and you will find links to recent top stories in medicine from various publications.
  5. “Current Practice” – click on it and you will have 2 options: (a) Clinic Topic Tours, which provides an overview of various disorders, including symptoms and treatments; and (b) Practice Guidelines, which provides recommended treatment protocols for various conditions.
  6. “Patient Handouts” – click on it and you will find customizable, printable, easily understood handouts about various illnesses that you can send home with your patients.
  7. “FirstConsult” – click on the link in the upper right corner to access one of the four point of care databases.

Getting help

You can always get context specific help within MDConsult by clicking the “?Help” button in the upper right corner of the screen. If you want somebody to sit down with you to learn how to use MDConsult, please ask for a librarian at the circulation desk, or call 503-552-1543.