Library remodel update

July 30, 2019

During the July beak, your intrepid librarians shifted the entire collection and sorted a portion of it onto carts to be relocated. Once the summer term started, the compact shelving was removed and transported to another room in the Academic Building (more on that later), creating an open area that will soon become student study space. The remaining shelving was standardized in color—strategic swaps with the compact shelving helped a lot—and new end panels were installed. Painting went quickly, and you can get a sense of the color scheme in the photo gallery below.

Next up, new and better lighting fixtures. Lighting installation is taking a bit longer than originally planned, so we have updated the project calendar in the central hallway to help you visualize the schedule. Please be aware that during the lighting phase of the project, the shelves are wrapped for protection, so we cannot access materials in the stacks.

While the back room is closed, we have a special Remodel Redirect (PDF) flyer to help you find library materials or places to study. If you need a printed copy to take with you, you’ll find them near the crosswords at the circulation desk.