New capstones debut

November 7, 2018

The 2018 CCM capstones are back from the bindery, along with a couple of additions from 2017. The following titles are now listed in the library catalog and will be available on the shelves shortly. Come explore these new additions to the literature!




Using the Hakomi informed method and the contemporary Chinese pulse diagnosis makes Chinese medicine more effective
Reyna Allison

Qigong for multiple sclerosis : a feasibility study
Lita Polly Buttolph

Translating qi : the science of spirit and the phenomenological nature of quantum biology
David Campbell

Shanghan lun — treatment strategies & clinical algorithms
Chelsea Eilts

Causative factor and Bazi
Joonsung Jaden Kim

The shan ren dao within practitioner cultivation : Wang Fengyi’s virtue healing system and the practice of classical Chinese medicine
Emily Lichtenhold

Healing through resonance with classical Chinese medicine
Kyle Rhodes

Walking at dawn : healing traumatic injury
Elizabeth Rowan

Classical Chinese empirical medicine : an evidence based approach to the Shang Han Za Bing Lun
Adam Robert Sapolsky

From fear to wisdom : embodying the symbol of the kidneys for an empowered birth journey
Hillary Mefferd Shue

Moons & tides : seasons of the menstrual cycle
Jeevan Singh

Classical Chinese medicine in space
Michelle Yan