Find journals faster

January 19, 2017

Library website homepage thumbnail with arrow to Journals link There is a new way to find and access the library’s subscribed journals. Click “Journals” on the library website and try it out!

If you are OFF CAMPUS, you will need to log in. Use the same username and password you use for your NUNM email.

Journal search box, thumbnail You can search all of our journal holdings from one easy search box. Just start typing the title of the journal, and select from the options in the dropdown menu.
Journal search results thumbnail Links for full text access appear below the journal title. Be sure to check that the date you are looking for is covered in the date range.

Soon we will begin adding our print journal holdings (physical journals) so you can see what we have available on the shelf in the library. Until that process is complete, the library catalog is the best place to find a comprehensive listing of all journal holdings, both print and electronic.