Online Clinical Skill Building Videos

Online Physical Exam Teaching Assistant
University of Florida College of Medicine videos demonstrating eight different medical exams, including vital signs, musculoskeletal, chest, cardiovascular, HEENT, Abdomen, Neurologic, and Eye.

Physical Exam Modules
University of Virginia College of Medicine modules demonstrating eight different medical exams, including upper extremities, vital signs and chest, HEENT, Cardiac Exam, Abdomen, Lower Extremities Exam, Neurological Exam, and Complete History and Physical. Requires Quick Time 7+.

Clinical Skills Online
University of London St. George’s YouTube videos demonstrating a variety of medical procedures.

UConn Health Center Tutorials
University of Connecticut Health Center YouTube videos demonstrating 6 different medical exams, including cardiovascular, respiratory, abdominal, neurological, musculoskeletal, and HEENT.

Heart Sound Tutorials and Quizzes
Blaufuss animation tutorials on heart sounds.

Endometrial Biopsy for Cancer Uterus
New England Journal of Medicine YouTube video.

Childbirth Media Center
YouTube forum for child birth educational videos, sponsored by Vida Health Communications.

Clinical Cases and Images
This case-based curriculum was started by physicians at Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve University for the purpose of medical education (no real-life case descriptions are included). Includes how to videos for medical procedures.

Laboratory Techniques
Medical Laboratory Techniques are demonstrated in a video interactive format. Approximately 20 skills are available in 4-12 minute video segments. Ivy Tech Community College.

Medical Billing and Coding Certification Training
Free training videos on medical coding and billing.