Homeopathy and Naturopathy

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
Has a library which contains articles written by NDs and abstracts of articles published in Alternative Medicine Review; naturopathic medicine education and licensing information.

Homeopathic Educational Services
Contains writings by Dana Ullman, M.P.H., author of several homeopathic books. HES serves as a resource center for homeopathy including information on books, tapes, software, research, medicine and correspondence courses.

Homeopathy Home Page
Includes a reference library composed of articles, books and journals; a directory of international organizations, training colleges and practitioners; a discussion forum; and links to the Internet resources in several languages, as well as remedy shops and bookstores.

Oregon Board of Naturopathic Examiners
Contains state laws and the naturopathic formulary, the minutes of board meetings, continuing education listings, and board member contact information.

Profile of a Profession: Naturopathic Practice
PDF version of a booklet on Naturopathy published by the Center for Health Professions (University of California, San Francisco) in 2001.

National Center for Homeopathy
Contains review of books and journal articles, including controlled studies and cost-effectiveness studies; homeopathy news and licensing laws; national and international organizations; as well as listings of education, consulting and supplier services by state.

Homeopathy Info PRO
Contains historical and biographical information and pictures; a calendar of events and seminars; a directory of practitioners and schools; and several articles, including Will Taylor’s “;Taking the Case”; series.

Naturopathic Medicine Network
There is an area on this site that is restricted to naturopathic medicine physicians and students. To enter this area, you will need to figure out the username and password.

The Homeopathic Symposium
Fee based educational site offering interactive video cases and multimedia tutorials with homeopathy master instructors.

Homeopathy Resource List
List of websites with homeopathy and CAM information, and websites for organizations and lists dedicated to homeopathy.

British Homeopathic Library
Includes a free online database of more than 25,000 article and book citations. Affiliated with Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital.

Hpathy: Homeopathy for everyone
Web gateway to archived full-text materials, including books, and other information pertaining to homeopathy.

My ND Online
Tool for connecting people with licensed physicians, including educational materials.

Free website for the promotion of naturopathy and health. Includes information about herbs, supplements, drug interactions, medical conditions, diets, cooking, and articles on various topics. Also includes resources geared specifically for naturopathic physicians.

Naturopathic Doctor Health Facts
Wiki-based website designed to support the practice of naturopathic doctors and to showcase the breadth and depth of naturopathic medicine. NDs are invited to contribute to the site.

Homeopathy Research Institute
Find the latest news and updates on homeopathy projects and research. Includes scientific databases, a researcher directory, external homeopathy resources, and a list of publications.